The Surfers and Drinkers...
Shawn "The Prawn" Taulbut - The "Stag".
Peter "Uncle" Hillier - The "Best Man" - also mistaken for Pee Wee Herman.
James "Surfer" Taulbut - also known as "J".
Brian "Dangerous" Hillier - also known as "Pointer".
Tony "Time Bandit" Bradfield.
Kev "Gambler" Haines also could be mistaken for Desperate Dan.
John "Wipeout" Curtis.
Des "Firestarter" Atkinson.
Rhyce "What Day Is It?" Davies.
Adie "Stinky Arse" Stansworth.
Mark "Barnaby" Barnes.
Bob "On His Back" Bartlett.
Phil "Ring Stinger" Arrow. 
Lee "Crafty Butcher" Carter.
Mike "Motormouth" Bedford.