Shawn Taulbut's Surfing Stag Weekend - Perranporth and Newquay, Cornwall
Friday 20th June 2003 to Monday 23rd June 2003
One night in 2002 Shawn 'the prawn' Taulbut and Pete 'Uncle' Hillier sat in a pub sipping pints.
"So Shawn what are we going to do for your stag night?"..
"Well 'Unc', why don't we go surfing, like we use to?",
"But Shawn, we can't do that in one night!"
"Well lets make a weekend of it.....a long weekend of it!"
So thats what they did....

The surfers and drinkers were...
The edited highlights from the weekend.
And here are the photos
(thanks to Phil Arrow for remembering to bring a camera).

The Unofficial Sponsors were Piran Surf Shop Perranporth, Red Stripe Jamaican Beer, A couple of bottles of red wine, Jack Daniels, Fosters,

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