I am currently researching the TAULBUT family name. Other family names being researched include: possible related TALBOTs and other derivatives.BRADFIELD, SEMMENS, MATTHEWS, BESSENT, BROWNE, CHANDLER, DEWEY and BOYCE.

Family History Snaps
Anthony TAULBUT: Link to Mission City Museum, Canada, B.C - c1940s (My Great Great Uncle)
Mission City: Link to virtual community for more information on Anthony TAULBUT
Tony Taulbut with Rosina Golden Wedding Anniversary of Anthony and Rosina Taulbut, March 13 1949 (courtesy of Barry Tietjen 6th May 2002)
Alfred & Ena TAULBUT (Nee MATTHEWS):  9 June 1930 - My Grandparents on their wedding day.
Jane BESSANT: c1930 - with Norman Jesse and Rose TAULBUT (nee BESSANT)
Rose TAULBUT: c1920 outside Norman's Fishmongers, 194 West St, Fareham, Hants, ENGLAND
Link to Ena MATTHEWS with her Mother Sarah MATTHEWS (nee FORDER) c1916(approx). Photo of my Grandmother and Great Grand Mother
NORMAN Jesse and Rose TAULBUT (nee BESSANT) : c1910 - My Great Grandparents, with children, May, Alfred and Fred.
Samuel and Elizabeth TAULBUT (nee BROWNE):
c1894 - My Great Great Grandparents, with children, clockwise fromtop, Anthony(20),[Hilda]May(14), Martin(5), Ivy(<1), Alice(5),Gwen(2) James (9) and Norman (18) .
Elizabeth Martha TAULBUT (nee BROWNE) c19?? - This apparently is my Great Great Grandmother as an older woman, compared with a known picture of a younger Elizabeth.
Burials : A list of burials in Sussex for TALBOT, TAULBERT, TAULBUT, TOBUTT, TOBITT

Taulbut's ongoing research
Talbot Family Tree : Were the TAULBUTs in Sussex before c1754 as TALBOTs and then moved to Hampshire?

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